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Access Control Solution for Modern Organization

Matrix COSEC range of Access Control solution supports comprehensive three-dimensional Access Control policies, which takes care of all combinations of who, where and when. Further, it offers 25+ enterprise-grade access control features meeting all industry-specific access control and compliance needs. Dual enrollment options (reader and web) and web-based configuration eliminate the need for a PC, server or special software. Matrix COSEC also offers instant SMS and Email notifications and plethora of industry-standard reports. Finally, open APIs for integration with Matrix and other third-party solutions such as time-attendance, payroll, video surveillance, BMS, fire alarms, etc. make Matrix COSEC, one of most advanced solutions in the industry.


  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Seamless Working with Single Source
  • Eliminates Need of Multiple Panels
  • Enhanced Reliability and Scalability
  • Higher Operational Abilities
  • Interoperability
  • Simplified Installation
  • Integration with Fire Alarm and Other Devices
  • Secures Sensitive Areas with Advanced Access Control Features
  • Cost Effective

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