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Biometric Gate Market Report 2020 | Share, Regional Analysis, Emerging Trends and Outlook Until 2024

Biometric Gate Market 2020 Global Industry research report studies latest Biometric Gate industry aspects market size, share, trends, growth, business overview and Biometric Gate industry scenario during the forecast period (2020-2024).

Overview of Global Biometric Gate Market:

Biometric gate is the first fully automated electronic gate utilizing premium 3D sensor high resolution camera technology combined with a precisely defined field of view. The cutting-edge camera guarantees only one person at a time can pass the DERMALOG Gate by providing highly secure facial recognition.

The report contains a complete product overview and its scope in the market to define the key terms and provide the clients a holistic idea of the market and its tendency. It comprehensively evaluates the global Biometric Gate market with different perspectives for the purpose of providing a detailed, informative, and accurate analysis of regional growth, competition, market segmentation, and other important aspects.

Growth in the historic period resulted from economic growth in emerging markets, the rise in awareness of the benefits and developed nations towards Biometric Gate costs and an increase in the number of camera technology combined with a precisely defined field of view.

Product Type Segmentation:
The Biometric Gate market have different product type such as Below 3 Seconds and Above 3 Seconds. Biometric Gate market product type gives camera technology combined with a precisely defined field of view.

Industry Segmentation:

Increasing instances across various sectors such as Airport, Train Station, Bus Station and Government Department are raising the need of security check point, thereby raising the demand for Biometric Gate market. This help in the profitable growth of the Global Biometric Gate market in upcoming year.

Segmentation by Regions:

The Biometric Gate market in North America has created camera technology combined with a precisely defined field of view to help security check points in the world. It was followed by Western Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Central & South America regions. Asia Pacific is expected to record higher growth rate in Biometric Gate Market during the forecast year.

Top Leading Key Manufacturers are: Gemalto, DERMALOG, Advent International (IDEMIA), Gunnebo, Rockwell Collins, Bollore Group, Mantra, Vision-Box, Cominfosec. New product launches and continuous technological innovations are the key strategies adopted by the major players.

Top Industry News:

IDEMIA provides seamless biometric access control to Digital Garage’s new headquarters in Japan on 27 April, 2020 — IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, today announced the first deployment of MorphoWave Compact in Japan to provide high security and convenience for businesses and the public.

The contactless fingerprint technology was installed in the new headquarters of Digital Garage, located in the famous Shibuya district in Tokyo. They are the first to experience such a fast, frictionless and seamless biometric access control in Japan, through this deployment conducted in collaboration with IDEMIA’s official value added partner JAPAN AEROSPACE CORPORATION (JAC). JAC also conducted the network configuration using MorphoWave Compact to integrate with Digital Garage’s system.

The Shibuya headquarters’ 450 employees enjoy all the benefits of MorphoWave Compact for office and floor access control. They can authenticate their biometrics by a touchless “wave” gesture of the hand within the MorphoWave Compact reader, which ensures efficiency, convenience, speed and security. This is also a more hygienic verification method since the users’ fingers are not in contact with the biometric sensor, whether accessing the building and floor or being enrolled.

MorphoWave Compact is a biometric reader equipped with 3D fingerprint technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can scan four fingers in less than one second. The algorithms in the biometric system ensure high matching accuracy and it enables up to 100,000 users being identified by one device. In a broader view, MorphoWave Compact eliminates the need for cards, remembering PINs, tailgating and importantly, the concern of multiple people touching a surface.

Major Points in Table of Contents:

1 Biometric Gate Product Definition
2 Global Biometric Gate Market Manufacturer Share and Market Overview
2.1 Global Manufacturer Biometric Gate Shipments
2.2 Global Manufacturer Biometric Gate Business Revenue
2.3 Global Biometric Gate Market Overview
3 Manufacturer Biometric Gate Business Introduction
3.1 Gemalto Biometric Gate Business Introduction
3.1.1 Gemalto Biometric Gate Shipments, Price, Revenue and Gross profit 2014-2019
3.1.2 Gemalto Biometric Gate Business Distribution by Region
3.1.3 Gemalto Interview Record
3.1.4 Gemalto Biometric Gate Business Profile
3.1.5 Gemalto Biometric Gate Product Specification
3.2 DERMALOG Biometric Gate Business Introduction
3.2.1 DERMALOG Biometric Gate Shipments, Price, Revenue and Gross profit 2014-2019
3.2.2 DERMALOG Biometric Gate Business Distribution by Region
3.2.3 Interview Record
3.2.4 DERMALOG Biometric Gate Business Overview
3.2.5 DERMALOG Biometric Gate Product Specification
3.3 Advent International (IDEMIA) Biometric Gate Business Introduction
3.3.1 Advent International (IDEMIA) Biometric Gate Shipments, Price, Revenue and Gross profit 2014-2019
3.3.2 Advent International (IDEMIA) Biometric Gate Business Distribution by Region
3.3.3 Interview Record
3.3.4 Advent International (IDEMIA) Biometric Gate Business Overview
3.3.5 Advent International (IDEMIA) Biometric Gate Product Specification
3.4 Gunnebo Biometric Gate Business Introduction
3.5 Rockwell Collins Biometric Gate Business Introduction
3.6 Bollore Group Biometric Gate Business Introduction

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