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FREEDOM TO SIGN launches its exclusive collection of T-Shirts

FREEDOM TO SIGN™ under AccioMango, Pvt. Ltd. today announced the  launch of an online T-shirt business that revolves around the global movement on the  awareness of sign language. The brand FreedomtoSign™ comes with a wide range of  clothing with exclusive T-shirts for all, especially designed by Deaf artists to give a new  vision to the beauty of outfits. Also, this will contribute to a major part of nation building  in terms of economy and globalization and creating awareness of sign language to  cultivate inclusion in the society. Each T-shirt would have a subtle message on the  awareness of how sign language can improve the language development of each deaf  child in India. 

FreedomtoSign™ focuses on producing and selling clothes designed by a group of  talented Deaf artists who will create new collections every four months. Each design  would bring out their personal stories about the social stigma of using sign language.  With this enterprise operated by Deaf entrepreneurs, it is our hope to create a “deaf  ecosystem” by encouraging more in the community to establish their own ventures.  

• Every T-shirt sold will give a free hour of ISL lesson to teachers by a certified Deaf  Instructor. We also expect an indirect impact on education for deaf children and  an impetus for ISL to become the 23rd recognized language of India  

The T-Shirts will be available online starting 27th December, 2020 at INR 599 for the  Classic Collection. For more information on our products and to place orders, visit Please follow us on Instagram @freedomtosign where we will  share multiple heartfelt stories from deaf individuals to teachers and artists.  

Behind the Scene – Dr. Alim Chandani, Founder of Freedom to Sign™ 

Dr. Alim Chandani, Deaf Activist, Social Entrepreneur, member of World Federation  (WFD) of the Deaf Expert Group – Accessibility, Interim Director of Gallaudet  Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GIEI), and Mission Leader of ‘Hear A Million’ Project  – Enable India  

Born Deaf in Mumbai, India. In 2013, he obtained his Doctorate in Administration and  Supervision in Special Education from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C., USA.  

His doctoral research brought him back to his homeland in 2016 upon realizing that it  is unacceptable for deafness to be a barrier to good quality education and equal  opportunities. The lack of good education makes numerous deaf people in India unaware of their inherent potential. Dr. Alim’s greatest passion is to show the Deaf  community that “impossible dreams can become possible.”  

In the past four years, he has successfully spearheaded several initiatives such as  Centum-GRO Initiative and Access Mantra Foundation. He has won multiple  prestigious awards such as the ‘Persons with Disabilities category” – NCPEDP – Mphasis Award and ‘Compassion to Action’ -Bharti Changemaker Award.  

Recently, he joined Enable India as a Mission Leader of a new project called, ‘Hear a  Million,’ which will aim to reach the lives of 1 million deaf people with a goal of  empowering them to become changemakers.  

Dr. Alim has delivered several TEDx talks and has advised governments and NGOs in  emerging market across the world on Deaf education and skills training for the Deaf. “We have chosen to name the brand ‘Freedom to Sign’, reflecting our support for sign  language in schools. It signifies the freedom to follow our beliefs, such as Freedom to  Vote, Freedom to Live and above all, Freedom of Expression.” – Dr. Alim Chandani,  Founder of FreedomtoSign™

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