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MSRvantage deploys Artificial Intelligence enabled blockchain solutions curbing pollution


MSRvantage a new startup initiative under the MSRcosmos group will provide an advanced AI-enabled blockchain solution to the logistics and supply chain industries, enabling the reduction of carbon emissions globally and driving sustainability. The corporate’s ambition is to empower organizations in their digital transformation journey by deploying solutions that deliver unique value to businesses and foster growth but at the same time focus on issues like sustainability. Modern-day consumers certainly care about sustainability and are keen to know the carbon footprint behind every brand and while it is easy to say that the most effective way to eliminate pollution is to avoid creating it in the first place, what remains critical is identifying the root causes of pollution, and focusing on controlling and eliminating them. This can support the organization’s environmental sustainability goals and bring them up as leaders in green initiatives.

Be it be manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, agricultural or dairy exports, each organization operates a fleet of vehicles for their day-to-day activities for their business needs, driving inefficiency out of their business at every given opportunity in order to be part of ‘go green’ initiative is a challenge. This is true for many business lines based on construction, mining, manufacturing, logistics, etc. as massive vehicle movement will cause excessive fuel consumption and complexities.

MSRvantage blockchain technologies are designed to fight these critical challenges and designed to improve a product’s traceability as it moves through various stages in the supply chain and optimizes energy. It can even be used to verify the authenticity of a product, especially those that are claiming to be ethically sourced. All authorized participants will be able to view the data; hence it cannot be altered by one single person at any stage.

Balaji Kandregula, Vice President, MSRvantage commented, “Blockchain technologies have certainly emerged from crypto solutions to traceability, improving transparency and making the supply chain more resilient and robust. The very nature of blockchain innovations being transparent and secure makes it viable for many industries driving sustainability.”

Blockchain offers two solution architectures to lower carbon emissions and it also works as a carbon calculator. Either through open blockchain architecture or private blockchain networks, companies can reduce their carbon emissions. Under open blockchain architecture, authenticators will play an important role as they need to onboard members, verify emissions and calculate credits. All calculations must be standard across the blockchain network. Under a private blockchain network, participant entry is decided by existing members and regulatory authority or consortium.

Siva Gopal, Chairman and Founder, MSRcosmos Group shared his thoughts saying, “With our deep industry expertise, we are committed to help our partners and customers in building prudent and sustainable products powered with our AI-enabled blockchain technologies that address all critical challenges of sustainability, reliability, reducing carbon footprint, emission management, and many others.”

Correctly measuring carbon emissions is one of the only ways to reduce carbon emissions globally. It can drive the success of international agreements such as the Paris Accord which aims to reduce carbon emissions within the supply chain industry and manufacturing industry. Blockchain technology in the supply chain can standardize the calculation units through distributed ledger systems, auditable trades, and smart contracts. MSRvantage believes that will soon be the backbone of the supply chain industry and is elated to be contributing to sustainability efforts through blockchain.

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