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Open Source Data Collection Panel Discussion – Part 2 #EconOpenSource

The Economist/Luminati Networks Open Source Data Collection Event (EconOpenSource) took place last week addressing several captivating topics as well as debating the need for clearer regulation and digital ecosystem.

The conversation was led by Duncan Weldon, Britain economics correspondent, The Economist. The following market leaders shared their thoughts and shed light on a number of intriguing questions.

This article is the second part of a series and will take you through the pioneering debate, discussing critical questions dealing with data collection and more.

What about regulation, how should we regulate the industry?

Jenni Tennison OBE, chief executive, Open Data Institute:

For me it would be great to have more regulation and clarity; what is permissible and what isn’t permissible and more enforcement about it. I would love to see some of the gray areas being more white and black.

Menny Barzilay, chief executive, Cytactic:

I hate that companies use the fact that I, as a consumer, don’t have access to data.
Which means that they can get more money out of me. I think companies like Luminati deserve compliments for making that data available.

Steve King, chief executive, and co-founder, Black Swan Data

We only scrape the data we’re permitted to scrape. Our customers would not work with us if they found out we scraped data we shouldn’t.
What Black Swan does is look at market trends to predict the future. We collect data to do so.
Regulations make it fantastically clear how we should treat data.

Mark Joseph, chairman, Luminati Networks:

Just imagine a world with no access to data i.e. no transparency. Pricing and consumer offers will probably reach new heights. Online advertising campaigns will be constantly hacked, causing a great deal of revenue loss and copyright infringement will become much more common.

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