Statement by Mr Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP News Network

“I am thankful to every journalist who stood by us in support of ‘responsible journalism’. Today, Journalists are risking their lives by going out of home and reporting the truth, which is incredible. ABP Majha’s reporter Rahul Gurugranth Kulkarni, who was falsely accused and arrested for rumour-mongering and spreading fake news through the channel, has been granted a bail by the court. Once again, we at ABP Majha continue to stand our ground and will confront any malicious attempt to damage our reputation with all our sincerity and grit. To insinuate that reports are based on fake news was absolutely outrageous. Nonetheless, we have full faith in the judiciary system of India and we will do everything in our capacity to fight this menace of fake news and misinformation. ABP Majha is a respectable and responsible news channel and has, in the past, demonstrated the same, by ensuring accuracy of information and credibility of its sources before broadcasting and Rahul Kulkarni has not deviated from practices of responsible journalism. With that said, we will ensure our full support to an impartial investigation, to bring the real culprits to justice.”

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