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Yellow Messenger on Monday said it has rebranded itself as and launched voice AI bots to expand its product suite aimed at delivering total customer experience automation.

The company has seen significant growth in revenues and booked $16 million in ARR (annual recurring revenue), Raghu Ravinutala, Co-founder and CEO of, told PTI.

“The pandemic brought unprecedented times for every organisation, and no one was ready for a lockdown and elongated work from home scenarios. Enterprises had to quickly adapt to ensure business continuity while minimizing redundancy across geographies, establishments, and teams.

“ swiftly scaled to meet global demand for digital transformation,” he said.

At present, the company has offices in six countries and plans to enter more countries, he added.

“We have grown to 4X of our previous year’s revenue. About 40 percent of our revenue comes from global clients and 60 percent from India. We’ve booked $16 million in ARR,” he said. offers enterprise-grade chat and voice bots, and enables conversational customer experience (CX) automation for over 700 global brands. It helps brands automate customer experience across over 35 channels like telephony, web, social media and others in more than 100 languages. Two of India’s largest private banks and a state government electricity board are among the company’s clients.

“The newly launched brand represents the company’s evolution to delivering a single platform to automate Total Customer Experience, throughout the consumer lifecycle. The launch of Voice AI is augmenting the company’s existing strengths of building high-accuracy chatbots with its proprietary and distinguished NLP (natural language processing) engine,” he said.

Ravinutala noted that touchless UI and ‘voice’ is playing a key role in enabling smarter brand-to-consumer engagement.

“Humanised interactive experiences in Voice AI are driving unbelievable value for businesses. At, we are dedicated to enabling human-like, engaging conversations with our conversational CX platform, which is the ultimate balance between human + AI capabilities,” he added.

Vartika Verma, Global Vice President (Marketing) at, said the company wanted to retain its brand salience while disassociating from text-only connotation.

“Hence we retained yellow, dropped messenger, and added what is at the heart of our product – AI; hence,” Verma said.

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